For Premium Subscribers

As a premium subscriber, your Stora is enabled with the Transmission torrent client, allowing you to download torrents directly from your Stora.

Getting Started

Once Premium is enabled on your Stora, go to Preferences, select the Torrents menu. Add a check to the "Enable Torrents Service", enter a username and password that will be used as your Torrent login and click Submit. Accept the Terms of Service to complete the configuration.

Remote Torrents

To access your Transmission client remotely, you must forward port 9091 to your Stora. Your Torrent client can then be reached via a browser at http://mystoraname.mystora.com:9091/.


To gain more flexibility from your Transmission torrent client, please check out these additional tools and GUIs that allow you to manage your Transmission client remotely.

We really like Transmission Remote Gui.

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