For Premium Subscribers

As a premium subscriber, your Stora is enabled with HipServ MySync. MySync conveniently keeps the files you want at your fingertips, on all your pc's and Stora. Check out what premium has to offer

Verify that your Stora firmware is at version 2.6 or above. The firmware version is available from the web interface by clicking the About link at the bottom left hand corner.
To use HipServ MySync from a remote computer, port 22, 80 and 443 must be forwarded to your Stora. You may test the status of your port forwarding with our Port Foward Tester.
Download and Installation

1. Download the MySync client for Windows or Mac.

2. Install and configure the MySync client with your Stora name, username and password.

3. Repeat steps on all pc's on which you would like your files synced.

How To Use
MySync creates a "MySync - userame" folder for each pc on which you configure the client. A MySync folder (and accompanying recycle bin) is also placed on your Stora under the "MyLibrary" folder. Move or copy files to the MySync folder and they will be replicated on all the pc's and Stora. Update a file and the changes will be made on all the systems. It's the easiest way to keep your files up to date and always accessible.
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